Unfortunately, the marketplace that is offered by eBay is the most likely place for most people to either buy or sell a Nagel work of art. We say, 'unfortunately' because the concept is sweet and sour. On the one hand, you can certainly find a lot of Nagels being offered for sale on eBay. On the other hand, most of the time, those listings come with a lot of baggage:

  • The listings are frequently misrepresented, either intentionally or out of ignorance.
  • The listings are not grounded in reality, prices can differ by hundreds of dollars for the same title.
  • Listings can feature prints which are offered as 'signed' which were printed after Nagels' death.
  • Some listings offer works of art which are not even Nagel's, which claim to be 'original'.
  • Seemingly hundreds, if not thousands, of the Nagel prints we see out there are just not Nagel's work.
  • A few of the titles which are offered printed on things like glass or ceramics or the like, are likely illegal.

We often cringe when scrolling through some of the listings (which by the way, often use descriptions that have been 'borrowed' from this site to accompany titles.) We put this page up for one reason: if you are new to Nagel you should take some time to read the information provided to you on this website.

Now as of this date, there appears to be an effort by some listers to 'kick-start' the lagging Nagel market by asking prices that are so statospheric as to be completely unreasonabe: unsigned lithographs offered in the $2,000 range, for example.

Whilte it's laudable that some listers are so committed to Nagel's work that they will spend the money to market prints they have no chance of selling, it still doesn't do the 'real' market any good—only confuses the legitimate buyers.

If you are interested in owning a real Nagel, one that will retain its value, examples of those prints are featured on this website. Remember, there are ONLY 34 lifetime poster titles, and 20 lifetime Limiited Edition titles. There were also 15 posthumous titles referrd to as "CNs." (Commemorative Nagels). Original drawings and paintings are scarce, though we don't know how many of those are in existance, we can only guess at that number. There were also two sculptures, the complete editions for which were never completely cast.

That's it. That is the body of work that can be considered 'real Nagels'.

Anything outside those parameters are either copies, fakes or posthumous reprints (some of those done legitimately, some, not so much.)

Don't trust those things you see and read on eBay. Beware the word(s) 'rare' or 'signed' or 'out of print'. Beware of prints that are framed with the typography hidden behind mats, ie., words that identify them as copies.

There are crooks on eBay. Just know that.