Just Who Is TBFA?

If you're like we are, you'll want to know just who it is you're thinking of doing business with.
In addition to our credentials below, here is our contact and hard address information:

Todd Bingham Fine Art
1016 Eucalyptus Ave., Vista, CA 92984

760/806-7699 (Just leave a message, we'll get back to you ASAP.)
our website portal page is: www.tbfa.com

Todd Bingham Fine Art, is a husband and wife run small-business operating from San Diego, California and listed with Wells Fargo Bank as merchants since 1994.who

We have both been in the art business since the late 1970's. Todd is a monthly columnist for the leading industry trade magazine, Art World News, since 1995. Todd is a sales trainer, lecturer, consultant and author, who has written eight books on selling art in the retail gallery, which Mo & Todd (in association with Art World News) publish and distribute themselves as both hard bound books and spoken word audio CDs. (Todd's CV can be found here. )

Todd has served as trainer and consultant for art galleries across America since 1994 when TBFA was formed.

The TBFA connection to Nagel

Todd worked twice for Karl Bornstein of Mirage Editions, (Nagel's only authorized publisher during his life): once in 1983 and again in 1992. He knew Nagel and was intimately involved in the work since 1981 when he prevailed upon Nagel to appear in a modest video series he was moderating entitled, "Artistry". Nagel graciously agreed and today it exists as only one of three such pieces of video.

Todd was gallery director for Galerie Michael, one of the earliest and most active Nagel galleries -- first in Century City and again, where the gallery is now, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

He also acted as Mirage's laison with the FBI during its investigation of fraudulent Nagel serigraphs in 1992. That resulted in his (somehow) being viewed as the 'contact guy' by Playboy Magazine, whenever the magazine was contacted by anyone inquiring about Nagel's serigraphs. Todd has also served to authenticate Nagel artwork and has lectured at the Southern California Appraisors Association on fraudulent Nagel artwork and how to identify it.

Between Todd and Mo, the couple has been brokering, lecturing on and appraising Patrick Nagel's artwork for over 25 years. Mo now handles most of the brokering duties and hosts a BLOG devoted to Nagel.

As industry veterans, we are frequently approached to broker art for both collectors and dealers, alike. which we do on our website. But it is only part of what we do today: Through TBFA, we also offer graphic design and web design primarily for other, art-related businesses.

Todd is also a songwriter and musician, composing Christian songs of worship.

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